Tom Legere, Wafer Fab Managing Director, Cypress Semiconductor, tel: 512-553-4619, tel: 818-303-9594

During my two years at Cypress-Texas, Ken and the DBA transformed a manual manufacturing legacy system and a clunky data paper mill into a manufacturing execution system (MES) with a user friendly electronic data system. He drove this with nearly zero hardware expenditure and with a handful of college interns. Direct labor productivity improved by 50% in two years and this IT system incarnation was a driving factor. Ken Freed is the best automation expert with whom I have worked and a true professional in all aspects of his contribution to the company and its mission. January 25, 2009

Len Mitchell, PMP, BSEET, Site Production Manager, Fab & Sort, Cypress Semiconductor, cell: 512-296-7087

I have worked with Ken for 7 years. Ken is our complete solution to factory automation. He brings together the perfect blend of education, experience, problem solving ability, common sense, and desire to make things better. Ken exemplifies job ownership. He makes us feel like we have a 24x7 team covering our factory. When describing a project to Ken, I have felt like there was nothing more important to him than getting my project done, quickly and correctly. Ken is cost conscious and creative. We have yet to find a problem he could not solve. I strongly recommend Ken as an automation expert. September 18, 2008

Bruce Turner, Test Engineering Manager, Cypress Semiconductor, cell: 512-426-5672

Ken is the best-organized engineer I've ever worked with. He is extremely good at working with supervisors and other employees to determine priority and time allocation, tracking multiple projects, reporting schedule status, and meeting the schedules he defines. He has successfully implemented a wide variety of automation projects in a high-volume semiconductor fab, including the software required to implement a conversion of the test floor to inkless sort. October 23, 2008

Dahl Nabours, Fab Operations Tech II, Cypress Semiconductor,Inc.

Ken Freed is one of the brightest and best automation engineers that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Ken was always a consummate professional who could be counted on for prompt and effective solutions to a variety of systems problems. Ken was a very diligent and knowledgeable resource to handle problems in the Fab. I would recommend Ken's work to any company in need of an efficient and hard working automation person. February 17, 2009